Redevelop to new.

GEM identifies untapped potential in brownfield locations and transforms these into key opportunities for innovative logistics real estate solutions. Opportunities that bring sustainability and digital integration to the fore, to meet growing demand with future-proofed properties.

Our development strategy for these locations prioritizes sustainability, economic excellence, and seamless integration of digital technologies. We implement sustainability leadership by committing to building eco-friendly logistics facilities that minimize environmental impact, aiming for net-zero carbon emissions and the highest standards of energy efficiency.

Renew to excel.

GEM revitalizes logistics real estate responsibly, elevating buildings to top sustainability and quality standards. The result is a transformation of existing logistics facilities, with significantly reduced environmental footprint and improved energy efficiency.

Breathing new life into existing logistics real estate with a client-centric approach makes a positive impact beyond the property itself. A thought-through strategic modernization make-over also benefits the direct surroundings and neighboring communities, creating synergy that benefits all.