We are living in a time of transition. We expect people, organizations, economies and governments to create sustainable and innovative dynamics for tomorrow’s society. It’s smart to keep up, but the real skill is staying ahead of the curve. Raising the bar is simply a matter of creative thinking and bravery.

We are GEM

Logistics real estate,
not as you know it.

As a developer and investor, GEM sets the standard for the future of logistics real estate by intelligently creating and managing space. And by integrating innovations that demonstrate next-level sustainability.

The result is buildings you cannot ignore. Buildings that unleash more potential than you’ve ever known. Buildings that deliver top-level performance for both people and the environment. Buildings that make investing more than worthwhile.

About us
About us

Stay in the lead.

GEM invests in the society of tomorrow. Sustainable building unlocks ESG-aligned performance. GEM leverages its knowledge and experience to optimize performance strategies, ensuring maximum real estate efficiency.

Our approach
Our approach

Our track record.

Sum of investments
€ 2.2b
Installed solar panels
Square meters under management
Succesful transactions
Logistic assets under management